Monday, March 19, 2007

R.A.F.T. 3rd Trimester "Spring Break"

My spring break was decent. Nothing different from a regular weekend. I did go see Pan's Labrynth though. That movie was really good. I have to give it a perfect score. The twist on Alice in Wonderland and the abundant use of foreshadowing is phenomenal. Though the entire movie is in Spanish, you can really feel no difference between an American movie. The inside of my house changed. My parents finally decided to renovate the house. I am so glad they did because I can not live without change and variety. I moved the stuff in my room around a bit as well. I do it everytime I feel I have a new goal and I do. This trimester I am going for all A's. I slacked really bad in the 2nd trimester and I want to finish this school year strong like I use to. This trimester looks really boring though, unfortunatley. There's really nothing different, except that I do have Grammar class 5th hour so that should be a change for once. I did Impromptu at my speech meet last weekend during spring break. I placed 8th my first time and I was really suprised. Somehow the meet left me out of Informative Speaking and I didn't place. I'm sure if they didn't I would've gotten 2nd place. Today is a bad day for me so the future of this trimester looks pesimistic. I'll try to be optimistic but school has just gotten so dry and plain. The procedure is the same thing everyday and there's no variety in some classes but I'm hoping things will start to mix up and change for the better and spark my interest.

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