Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Global warming is a fraud- an exaggerated scenario by the science community to attract attention. Human interaction is too minute for such drastic effects on the world's climate. So what, the world can repair itself like it always has in the past. Such an ignorant perception on the world's climate is exactly what will compel a country and the world to a point where the world of today will be only a memory. The world must not remain oblivious to the prominent facts that drastic climate shifts are occurring. With today's glaciers and ice sheets melting more rapidly than ever, the ten hottest years on earth occurring within the last fifteen years and proven statements of manmade climate changes backed up by world renowned scientists and environmentalists: drastic measures must be taken by the world to counter drastic changes within the world. These events have stockpiled into a spiraling conflict facing humanity and nature: a deadly climate change. By examining paleoclimatology, analyzing the present manmade contribution to global warming and identifying the effects on future generations, a wide spectrum of evidence will be provided to support the fact that threatening climate shifts are indeed happening and significant reforms must be executed to prevent global warming from escalating any further and becoming an inevitable death sentence.
Michio Kaku, professor of theoritical physics at City Univeristy of New York stated, "Of all the generations of humans that have walked the surface of the earth- for 100,000 years, going back when we first left Africa- the generation now alive is the most important. The generation now alive, the generation that you see, looking around you, for the first time in history, is the generation that controls the destiny of the planet itself." Yet, many people do not realize this and hold the future responsible for taking action. The future maybe uncertain, but it is nearing and there may not be a whole lot of time, as concluded by recent reports. According to a NOVA and Frontline report, "What's Up With the Weather," an increase of at least 20 feet in sea level will arise from the melting of all the great ice masses in the world, engulfing and destroying coastal civilization, rendering millions across the globe homeless. A meltdown can be tracked back to the increase of heat in the earth's atmosphere, mainly due to the increasing amount of greenhouse gases being emitted as a byproduct of human activities. In the article, "Raising the Climate Stakes," from world renowned TIME magazine, the U.N's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a thoroughly reasearched and evidence supported announcement that for the first time there is "unequivocal" evidence proving humans are responsible for at least 90% of the world's global wariming. Reports were made from 600 scientists from 40 countries around the world. Over emission of greenhouse gases can then be chained back to the use of CO2 contributors such as: non-fuel efficient cars, commercial jets, deforestation and industrial production. These factors all contribute to the pending threat of climate change that awaits in the coming tomorrow.
For as long as the earth has been spinning, mother nature herself has been a major contributor of concentrated greenhouse gases, shifting the climate back and forth. A striking natural contributor of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere are volcanoes. Though volcanoes may not augment the temperature, it would gradually create a "volcanic winter," a period of global cooling resulted by the relfection of sunlight from volcanic ash, sulfuric acid, and interaction of CO2 and water droplets. Take Lake Toba in Indonesia for example.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 7: " Wiki Word"

My word was perceive. My work can be found here:

Go to English 10 Wiki on the left column

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On the right column, click on Units 13-14

Then scroll down the page until you see the word perceive

Click on the word and my work will be found there

Day 4 and Day 6: " Comment Other People"

For day 4's assignment I commented mai khang and cynthia lee.

For day 6's assignment I commented and

Day 8: "Classroom Discussion"

What did we discuss? Come back when I find it out.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 5: "The Earth's Climate Is In For A Drastic And Deadly Shift And Humans Are The Very Reason For It" -Outline

I. Role
1. State the problem
The earth's climate is in for a drastic and deadly shift and humans are the very reason for it.
2. Give evidence
A. Volcanoes are a natural contributor to CO2 in earth's atmosphere, but over emission of CO2, as much as 150 times that of a volcano, comes from human activities, an irregular factor to the process of nature as according USGS Volcano Hazard Program.
B. "According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the eruption of the Tambora Volcano in Indonesia in 1815 lowered global temperatures by as much as 5ºF and historical accounts in New England describe 1815 as “the year without a summer.” ( ), This happened about 200 years ago, a very long time. But according to a study done by the NRC in 2006, it is confidently positive that the last 2 decades on earth were warmer than any other time period within the last 400 years, and those were times when the car wasn't invented but volcanoes were around. Now, that is only a 20 year time period. Rather alarming, one would think.
C. According to a TIME article, "How toThink About Global Warming," there is twice as much CO2 in the earth's atmosphere as there was during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and that was when over emission of green house gases from human activity jump started.
D. According to Michael D. Lemonick, a senior writer for the acclaimed TIME magazine, he says, " If the Sahara becomes wet and fertile and the American Midwest becomes a desert, there's no net change--but all of the infrastructure is suddenly in the wrong place. If sea level rises a couple of meters in 50 years, a lot of cities are suddenly in the wrong place. It's the unprecedented pace of change that's the problem.
E. According to a NOVA and Frontline report, "What's Up With the Weather" an increase of 20 feet in sea level would engulf and destroy coastal civilization, rendering millions across the globe homeless. Over emission of greenhouse gases from human activities would significantly augment the temperature, resulting in more heat related deaths, solar radiation, mosquito borne diseases, naturals disasters such as hurricanes and giant floods, and a significant change in rain pattern throughout the world that would bring crop failure throughout different regions.
F. According to TIME, "Raising The Climate Stakes," the assessment released by the U.N's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that for the first time there is "unequivocal" evidence supporting that humans are the cause for at least 90% of the earth's global warming.
3. Examine contributing factors
I. Volcanoes are a natural part of nature and nature has its own ways of dealing with it, but throw in human activities, a new man made factor into an organic world and you have an imbalance.
II. We live in a modernized world where 2/3 of every American owns a car. 200 years ago, cars that we have today never existed, it was something they called a horse.
III. Americans are becoming more sedentary everyday as the car and electrical scooter replaces the everyday walks in the park. When climates suddenly change and conditions are not how they used to be, most people would not know what to do.
IV. Global warming is when the sun's rays are trapped within the earth's atmosphere and green house gases such as CO2 are trapped within circulation, ausing an internal heating of the earth.
V. World super powers such as China and the US are not taking the leadership role of starting an international project to step foward and minimize the problem threatening the future of everyone.
4. Propose a solution
Public awareness is the sole key of the situation. The more the people know about the truths of a prolonged disaster as global warming, the more easier it is for the world to mend the future for the next generations to come and nurture. I suggest requiring it as part of a highschool science curicculum. This is a very extreme problem facing not only one person, but the world. It is our job, the people to publicize this situation. We must make drastic changes to preserve and save the climate or deal with the drastic climate changes. One option is, though very big, would be a giant contributor for a solution: cancel commercial car racing. We can not expect to move forward with positive perceptions if we keep something so extreme as commercial car racing continuing. We must make extreme reforms to balance extreme problems. People should try their best to own fuel efficient cars that are nature friendly. Afterall, this planet did give rise to us- humans. It is our rightful duty to save it, to not bite the hand that fed us. It was the planet that let us love and learn, it is our rightful job to save it in return.

Day 3: "Students Are Not Turning Their Work In On Time"

1. State the Problem
Tartan students are not turning their work in on time.

2. Give evidence
A. Grades are plummeting
B. Crabby teachers
C. Rushed and/or low quality work
D. Major failure on tests and quizzes

3. Examine contributing factors
A. Grades are plummeting
I. Stressed out parents and students
II. Discouraged and disappointed teachers
III. Bad scores on tests and quizzes
B. Crabby teachers
I. Bad scores on tests and quizzes
II. Students are making up excuses
III. Students wasting time in class set aside for homework on socializing
C. Rushed and/or low quality work
I. Procrastinating habits
II. More copying before class starts
III. Too much work given out in a short period of time.
D. Major failure on tests and quizzes
I. Students are not understanding the material
II. Students are not dedicating enough time to studying
III. Teachers are not dedicating enough time on reviewing tests material

4. Propose a solution
Students should stop procrastinating and make a gradual transition into an efficient habit of turning work in on time. Students should get enough sleep and don't get a job where hours obstruct the students main priority, in this case, turning work in on time and succeeding in school. Students should try, if possible, to set some time aside afterschool at home to review materials covered in class so they can understand it before the deadline so if they have any questions, they can refer to the teacher on the next day. Students should listen to the teacher during class when they are covering materials because any time wasted might be the time needed for a student to comprehend the material. Teachers should set reasonable deadlines for work. A short deadline for a huge assignment will not work, students have other classes as well. Too long of a deadline is not good either, teachers should know that most students do not do it until the last minute. Teachers need to set a prominent and clear deadline that is rational and be strict with it, they can't keep on being lenient; they are just widening the gap. Overall, students should make a contributed effort to stay on top of their assignments and teachers should become more compromising yet unyielding on policies.

Day 1: "Computers Intimidate Mark"

Computers are a very complicated process to everyone, unless you are a computer whiz. But unfortunately for Mark, it isacomplicated and intimidating task. I don't blame Mark for this, I too have my own limited knowledge for I only know the basics to the procedures of a computer. Yet, Mark plans to be a graphic designer when he grows up. It's his dream and no one should ever let anything, especially something like computers, get in the way of them achieving their dreams. To help Mark with his problem, I proposed that he should take it day by day, part by part on three aspects that may help him: get the basic information of a computer, find a friend to assist him and apply his knowledge to a computer everyday. By cooperating these three factors together, he should be able to use a computer independently and effieciently enough to get himslef by.
My first suggestion was to have him find a basic helping hand on computer information to inform him on the basics of a computer. He could easily do this by going to a local or school library and finding a book on computer procedures. This way he'll have a direct way of figuring out the cords, keys and icons on a computer. But he should'nt just do this all at once. Take a section at a time to study and review it later on. Once he remembers a certain section, he should move on to the next one and so forth until he has it memorized like the back of his hand. Take it day by day, one page at a time and he'll soon get there before his dream becomes oppurtune.
If independent studying wasn't enough, I proposed that he should get a human source to aid him. A business teacher or librarian is good but a friend who is really good with the computer is better. This way he'll have a primary source to show him how to do something or tell him what something is on the computer. A little help every now and then never hurts. Let a proffessional show him the procedures and basics and he'll sooner than later, understand it.
But just getting help doesn't do it, Mark has to apply this knowledge that he has gathered to a computer. He should do this everyday he can so that he becomes familiar with the ways of the computer. Afterall, practice makes perfect. And after he has familiarized himself with the computers, maybe he can go further and learn about the tools and programs that are used for graphic designing or take a typing class to improve his keyboard skills. Either way,learning and figuring out a computer is like studying for a big test. Small portions everyday through well layed out timing is the key to his goal, and eventually his dreams of being a graphic designer.