Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 3: "Students Are Not Turning Their Work In On Time"

1. State the Problem
Tartan students are not turning their work in on time.

2. Give evidence
A. Grades are plummeting
B. Crabby teachers
C. Rushed and/or low quality work
D. Major failure on tests and quizzes

3. Examine contributing factors
A. Grades are plummeting
I. Stressed out parents and students
II. Discouraged and disappointed teachers
III. Bad scores on tests and quizzes
B. Crabby teachers
I. Bad scores on tests and quizzes
II. Students are making up excuses
III. Students wasting time in class set aside for homework on socializing
C. Rushed and/or low quality work
I. Procrastinating habits
II. More copying before class starts
III. Too much work given out in a short period of time.
D. Major failure on tests and quizzes
I. Students are not understanding the material
II. Students are not dedicating enough time to studying
III. Teachers are not dedicating enough time on reviewing tests material

4. Propose a solution
Students should stop procrastinating and make a gradual transition into an efficient habit of turning work in on time. Students should get enough sleep and don't get a job where hours obstruct the students main priority, in this case, turning work in on time and succeeding in school. Students should try, if possible, to set some time aside afterschool at home to review materials covered in class so they can understand it before the deadline so if they have any questions, they can refer to the teacher on the next day. Students should listen to the teacher during class when they are covering materials because any time wasted might be the time needed for a student to comprehend the material. Teachers should set reasonable deadlines for work. A short deadline for a huge assignment will not work, students have other classes as well. Too long of a deadline is not good either, teachers should know that most students do not do it until the last minute. Teachers need to set a prominent and clear deadline that is rational and be strict with it, they can't keep on being lenient; they are just widening the gap. Overall, students should make a contributed effort to stay on top of their assignments and teachers should become more compromising yet unyielding on policies.

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