Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 1: "Computers Intimidate Mark"

Computers are a very complicated process to everyone, unless you are a computer whiz. But unfortunately for Mark, it isacomplicated and intimidating task. I don't blame Mark for this, I too have my own limited knowledge for I only know the basics to the procedures of a computer. Yet, Mark plans to be a graphic designer when he grows up. It's his dream and no one should ever let anything, especially something like computers, get in the way of them achieving their dreams. To help Mark with his problem, I proposed that he should take it day by day, part by part on three aspects that may help him: get the basic information of a computer, find a friend to assist him and apply his knowledge to a computer everyday. By cooperating these three factors together, he should be able to use a computer independently and effieciently enough to get himslef by.
My first suggestion was to have him find a basic helping hand on computer information to inform him on the basics of a computer. He could easily do this by going to a local or school library and finding a book on computer procedures. This way he'll have a direct way of figuring out the cords, keys and icons on a computer. But he should'nt just do this all at once. Take a section at a time to study and review it later on. Once he remembers a certain section, he should move on to the next one and so forth until he has it memorized like the back of his hand. Take it day by day, one page at a time and he'll soon get there before his dream becomes oppurtune.
If independent studying wasn't enough, I proposed that he should get a human source to aid him. A business teacher or librarian is good but a friend who is really good with the computer is better. This way he'll have a primary source to show him how to do something or tell him what something is on the computer. A little help every now and then never hurts. Let a proffessional show him the procedures and basics and he'll sooner than later, understand it.
But just getting help doesn't do it, Mark has to apply this knowledge that he has gathered to a computer. He should do this everyday he can so that he becomes familiar with the ways of the computer. Afterall, practice makes perfect. And after he has familiarized himself with the computers, maybe he can go further and learn about the tools and programs that are used for graphic designing or take a typing class to improve his keyboard skills. Either way,learning and figuring out a computer is like studying for a big test. Small portions everyday through well layed out timing is the key to his goal, and eventually his dreams of being a graphic designer.

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