Thursday, May 3, 2007

Outline for Essay 5-03-07

Attention Getter: Start with a story? Thematic address? Psychology quote?

Link: Person's transformation story. Tie with topic...

Background: Reparative therapy sparks many conflicts surrouding its success, purpose and patients

Thesis/Roadmap: Reparative therapy does not attempt to "cure" homosexuality, instead it offers a chance for satisfaction to self-selected non-gay homosexual men who want to become heterosexual

I. Reparative therapy sparks a movement to "cure" homosexuality
A. Gay genome has been discovered, no longer classified as a mental disorder
B. Gay activist extremists believe reparative therapy denounces those who are homosexual
C. Gay activist extremists believe reparative therapy misconstrews homosexuality as a mental disorder that can be "cured"

II. Reparative therapy does not have enough sufficient results
A. Does not have enough evidence to support the outcomes of reparative therapy; little has been done
B. May have devastating after-effects on the patient
C. No scientific evidence or link that reparative therapy can turn a homosexual man into a heterosexual man

III. Reparative therapy grants the patient the right to achieve self-satisfaction; become heterosexual
A. Society ignores non-gay homosexuals and the Gay community rejects them
B. Offers the chance to explore and fix the internal problems resulting from childhood that could have possibly lead to homosexuality
C. The patient himself has the inalienable right to pursue happiness
D. Individual choice to find self-satisfaction

IV. Reparative therapy allows for the patient to "find" their orientation and/or avoid future problems as a result of their sexual confusion
A. Reparative therapy early on in life may help avoid future problems
B. Reparative thearpy during the present may help settle sexual confusion
C. Reparative therapy may, if not turned heterosexual, help the man become more comfortable with his homosexuality

V. Stance: Reparative therapy grants the chance to satisfy the non-gay self-selected homosexual men and does not attempt to "cure" homosexuality


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